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Mickey Barr

Mickey Barr is a yoga teacher, licensed massage therapist and Reiki master.

He completed his yoga teacher training in Sampoorna Yoga under the guidance Shri Yogi Hariji. Mickey is a graduate of The Elizabeth Grady School of Massage Therapy and completed his Reiki master training under Heather Smidt. He continues daily yoga studies with Randy Aromando in Ashtanga Yoga and Joseph Satlak in Iyengar Yoga.

Mickey is a practitioner of Vipassana Meditation and enjoys vegan cooking.



RACHEL Barringer (formerly Arnold)

Rachel Arnold

Rachel teaches a creative and energetic vinyasa flow class that combines movement with breath, expression, and a bit of humor.

She graduated from the 200-hour Yoga of Energy Flow Teacher Training (taught by Daniel Orlansky, Carrie Tyler, and Aaron Cantor) and has completed teacher trainings with Alice Senko (Hot Hatha) and Josh Summers (Yin Yoga).

Rachel has also taken a variety of master classes and workshops with Barbara Benagh, Ana Forrest, Dharma Mittra, and David Swenson.

Rachel has a Master of Music Degree and she enjoys teaching cello and performing with several ensembles in the Boston area. She also makes quirky crafts out of clay, felt, and any other medium that inspires her.


ALISSA Bigelow

Alissa Bigelow

Alissa Bigelow began her yoga practice in Southern California more than 14 years ago under the direct guidance of her teachers Seane Corn and Max Strom.

Inspired by the intrinsic healing powers of yoga to transcend dark into light, Alissa steps onto her mat each day as both a student and a teacher.

Trained to teach in the PURE yoga tradition of strict Vinyasa Flow, her classes can be both vigorous and restorative.

Her intention is to open the heart, mind and body to all possibilities and all probabilities. She offers her students the opportunity to honor their own truth, moment to moment, linking each breath to the next through movement and awareness of the light within us all.



Elizabeth BrownElizabeth Brown M.A., has been teaching at Karma for five years. She began her formal training in 1992 with Sarah Powers, Tias Little and Paul Grilley in the Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Yin traditions.

In 2001-2003 she lived in Siddha Yoga meditation centers in Oakland, California, and in Ganeshpuri, India, where she met John Friend and began training in Anusara Yoga.

She currently studies formally with philosophers Dr. Douglas Brooks and Professor Paul Muller-Ortega; this work informs her classes, which include students from ages 5 to 80 years old.

With over 1000 hours of training and ten years of yoga teaching in Northern California, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma and Boston, Elizabeth leads international yoga and service retreats in Peru, Bolivia, Mexico and Tanzania.

She brings a rich understanding of therapeutics, a strong meditation practice, and the desire for all students to align with their own innate freedom. Her classes are fun, dynamic, and strong. Her lightheartedness is contagious; students move easily to the next level of practice.


ALEX Bynum

Alex BynumAlex is a professional healer trained and certified through the Modern Mystery School. Due to the profound and amazing results Alex experienced in her own life as a result of using various healing modalities, Alex now owns and operates her own private healing practice as well as teaches at Karma Yoga Studio.

Alex’s passion lies in guiding and seeing her students have personal mastery breakthroughs. She facilitates a Reiki class in a group setting for unblocking stuck energies on the levels of Body, Soul, and Spirit. She completed her Reiki training out of the Greater Boston Center for Advanced Spiritual Healing and Training located in Newton, MA.

Furthermore, she is a certified life activation practitioner, healer, personal trainer, and meditation practitioner. Through the ongoing journey of coming home to herself, Alex has never known more joy and desires to live in world where everyone feels free to express themselves. She strives to live a life based on service.



Sonja DaleSonja is a professional dancer who started practicing yoga to help her find relief from back injuries that had been a part of her life since she was fifteen. At first, it was simply a break from the goal-oriented world of professional dance, but she also found a respect for the self and the individual body that is hard to find in almost any other form of exercise.

Sonja began teaching yoga as an apprentice in a small, donation-based yoga studio in Berkeley, California in 2008, and continued her training by completing a 200-hour yoga alliance certification course with Sam Chase at Yoga to the People in New York city in 2010. She has since taught regularly at studios in California and New York City, including the popular Yoga Agora in Astoria.

Sonja moved to Boston in October 2014, and is excited to now be teaching at Karma Yoga Studios. She teaches a strength-building, quick-moving Power Vinyasa class made to be challenging, luxurious, and joyful. She hopes to give her students wellrounded, able bodies, and most importantly, a sense of ownership and pride in the vessel they live in.


BRYNNE Haflett

Brynne HaflettBrynne is a 200hr certified Pranakriya RYT with certifications in meditation, Chair Yoga, and Yin Yoga. She has been practicing yoga for ten years and has influences in Hatha, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa yoga.

Brynne works to provide varying levels of intensity and creative flows in her classes for students of all levels to enjoy. Her classes emphasize the incorporation of breath in asanas to create a deeper level of practice and cultivate body awareness. Body awareness not only creates a safer practice for students, but translates into their daily lives, resulting in a healthier lifestyle.

Her mission is to make the practice and benefits of yoga easily, affordable, and accessible to anyone who wishes to practice. She believes that yoga offers a wealth of benefits that everyone should have to chance to explore.

In her spare time, Brynne works for her organization "Yogis4Good", a charitable group partnered with Karma Yoga Studios to take yogic practices off the mat. She continues to study with Pranakriya creator Yoganand Michael Carroll. To find out more about Brynne, visit her website www.yoginib.com.



Allison JonesAllison Jones graduated from Wellesley College in 2005 with a B.A. in Philosophy. Always a spiritual seeker, Allison discovered yoga and Buddhist meditation during her senior year of college. Yoga and meditation have helped her deal with anxiety, overcome an addiction, become comfortable in her own skin and gain confidence. Several years into her own healing journey, she realized that she wanted to share the benefits of yoga with others.

Allison hopes to inspire her students to practice self-care and learn to let go of anything that is blocking them from their full potential. Her classes are challenging yet playful and accessible to students of all levels. She completed a 200 hour teacher training program with Open Doors Power Yoga in January 2009 and has been teaching since. In March 2013 she received her prenatal yoga certification through Barrett Reinhorn's 85 hour program. Her latest endeavor was undertaking a year-long training with Yogastrology®. In September 2014 she officially became a certified yogastrologer ®.

She teaches regularly scheduled classes at Health Yoga Life in Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood and at Karma Yoga Studio in the heart of Harvard Square. She occasionally subs classes in other studios, leads yoga workshops, retreats and teacher trainings.

LUCIE Kasova

Lucie Kasova

Lucie Kasova, E-RYT, is known for bringing warmth, passion and a sense of inquiry to her teaching.

Her work integrates yoga and mindfulness; her teaching style offers clear instruction, with an emphasis on awareness to the physical sensations, emotions and thoughts that arise throughout the practice.

Her knowledge of alignment principles helps her guide students safely and affords them maximum benefit from the practice.

A dedicated practitioner of yoga and meditation for more than a decade, Lucie has studied extensively at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and teaches classes and workshops in the U.S. and Europe.

A 2013 recipient of a Teaching for Diversity grant from the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association, she is currently pursuing Advanced Certification in the Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts and Teacher Certification in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction from the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. More info at luckymeyoga.com.



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Roberto teaches Prana Vinyasa yoga, a system created by Shiva Rea (shivarea.com) where the breath is the guide in a practice rooted in tradition, energetic techniques facilitate the mastery of poses, and experiential process leads to flow states of being and realization of one’s divine nature.

Roberto LimRoberto completed his first teacher training in 2003 with Baron Baptiste and began leading yoga classes in the Boston area in 2004. Seeking further instruction into the breadth and depth of the yoga tradition, he sought out and first studied with Shiva Rea in March 2005. Roberto has regularly studied with Shiva serving as an apprentice at her teacher trainings and retreats all over the world since November 2006. He is empowered by Shiva Rea to be an affiliate program teacher trainer at the 200-hour level, and is registered with Yoga Alliance.

Roberto is a student & teacher of Prana Vinyasa because the system deeply resonates within him through its heart-centered synthesis of breath and movement, its roots in the arts and traditions of Bhakti, Tantra, and Ayurveda, and its incorporation of music and other forms of movement to facilitate the great evolutionary process of yoga. Roberto is deeply grateful to Shiva Rea who is a source of inspiration and taught him to "follow the path of the Radiant Life Force," and to his meditation teacher Paul Muller Ortega with whom he studies the non-dual Tantra of Kashmir Shaivism and the practice of Neelakantha Meditation.

Currently, Roberto is pursuing certification as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant with Shiva Rea’s Samudra Global School of Living Yoga. He regularly travels outside of Boston offering master classes, trainings, and retreats. In addition to yoga, Roberto works as an environmental scientist with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in their Boston regional office, and fulfills his creative passions with graphic design and community building.


KARMA Longtin

Karma Longtin

Karma, contrary to popular belief, didn't name herself and actually does not own the studio! She was born in Florida to a family of hippies and named after the "karmic" link found in her parents' astrological charts. After moving to Boston, she turned to yoga as a way to heal her intense back and joint pain, discovering a solace that inspired her to become a teacher in 2002.

Karma embraces many different styles of yoga including vinyasa, slow flow, yin, and restorative - blending elements of each into her classes in order to create a balanced mix of stretch and strength, opening and grounding, effort and surrender.

Her classes focus on watching our patterns, choosing the energy we carry, and cultivating a deep connection between body, mind, and breath
in order to tap into your prana flow and deepen your practice. She is equal parts chakra-astrology-crazy-woowoo and down-to-earth anatomy geek. She encourages everyone to find the practice that is right for them in order to realize their own path to self-discovery and personal transformation.


REINA Lovelace

Reina Lovelace

Reina Lovelace is a 300-hour certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and Licensed Massage Therapist. She teaches vinyasa classes that are challenging, intellectually stimulating, and steeped in traditional yogic philosophy. Her 15 years’ experience in Bodywork and anatomy informs her thoughtful sequences and intuitive hands on assists. Reina has also received training in the various practices of Bhakti yoga, Yoga Nidra and Meditation at the Satchidananda Ashram.

As a former actress battling disordered eating, and depression, Reina found Yoga and it became her path to greater understanding and health. What traditional therapies could not heal, the practices of yoga continue to heal and transform. The journey of Yoga has been one of continuously coming home to her more authentic Self. Teaching yoga and meditation is an offering of love and service.

She humbly offers her classes as a place to find transformation, connection, and freedom through these ancient practices. Reina’s full-time labor of love is being a mother to her ten year old son, who is also a student of Yoga (you may see him around Karma.) Reina bows in gratitude to her beloved teachers, Sri Swami Satchidananda, David Life, Sharon Gannon, Jeffrey Cohen and Andrea Boyd, who are endless inspirations on the path to Yoga.



Fiona McQuadeFiona McQuade is a 300 hour certified Jivamukti yoga teacher. She is honored to a part of the Jivamukti lineage and humbly bows to her teachers: Sharon Gannon, David Life, Jules Febre and Rima Rani Rabanath, Fiona has also been honored to mentor with Bristol Marriot.

Fiona's classes are playful, and rigorous; she seeks to incorporate yoga philosophy and mythology within all her classes.

Fiona graduated from Wheaton College with departmental honors in Religious Studies in 2005, there she studied Eastern Religions and meditation. She has also studied Ashtanga yoga.


DAVID Magone

David Magone

Since founding PranaVayu Yoga in 2001, David has received a number of accolades in the press with features in Vogue Magazine UK, the Wall Street Journal, Self Magazine, Women’s Health and many other publications.

Rated "Best of Boston" by Boston Magazine and Rateyourburn.com, David work has also been recognized internationally, with a feature in Travel and Leisure's '25 Top Yoga Studios around the World'.

In addition to teaching PranaVayu classes, workshops and trainings worldwide, David regularly contributes to the Huffington Post Healthy Living section and the popular online website Myyogaonline.com.



MIRANDA Mollendorf

Miranda discovered yoga when she was researching and writing a never-ending dissertation. Yoga helped her to focus, relieve stress, and straighten out her spine after seven years of hunching over a computer. She learned that success in yoga—and in life—is sometimes about “failing” 100 times to succeed one time.

Yoga is an ongoing process rather than a final product, with many steps and obstacles along the way. These obstacles are never insurmountable; they can be overcome by accepting and acknowledging them, by patiently and consistently working on them every day. The process of yoga made her realize that ultimately, nothing is impossible. She tries to find new ways to apply yogic lessons to her life off the mat every single day, and loves to share these observations and lessons with others. This is ultimately why she became a yoga instructor.

Miranda completed her 200-hour YogaWorks teacher training with Natasha Rizopolous. This training was in alignment-based Vinyasa Yoga that combines elements of Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Viniyoga, integrating the strength, heat, and physical challenges of Ashtanga with the careful anatomical alignment of Iyengar Yoga.

Her classes are centered around a certain anatomical theme or asana, and involve a strong integration of breath and movement. Miranda strives to create a safe and playful environment that is challenging but not competitive.

Off the mat, Miranda still enjoys studying the history of science, gender, race, and visual culture, taking really long, pointless, enjoyable walks, and cooking vegetarian and vegan treats.


Dr. LONG Nguyen

Dr. Nguyen has learned and practiced meditation, qigong, and martial arts since his early teens in the temples of south Vietnam. However, for a period in his life, the stresses of life distracted him from his path.

After discovering the healing effect of yoga, Long regained his original self, reconnected with his inner-being and resumed the practice of internal arts. He went on to be certified in the Sivananda Yoga tradition in the Himalayas. He further developed his yoga practice while studying in the US. and has trained with Anna Forrest, John Friend, and Pattabhi Jois.

To develop his spirituality and character, Long trekked to Gomukh, the glacial origin of the Ganges, and meditated in the sacred caves of the Sivananda tradition in Gangottri. He has climbed the Yen-Tu mountain to meditate in the sacred caves of Chua Huong, and visited other sacred places in Vietnam and India. Long had learned meditation with Thay Thich Nhat Hanh and Thay Thich Thanh Tu, as well as with other American teachers.

As a Harvard-trained researcher in mind-body medicine, alternative medicine, and public health, Long’s teaching combines scientific knowledge with the traditional wisdoms that he had learned from his internal arts teachers in his native Vietnam. Long is a recent graduate of the post-doctoral fellowship in Integrative Medicine jointly offered by Harvard Medical School Center for Integrative Care and the General Internal Medicine Division of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. He is also a graduate of Harvard School of Public Health’s Masters of Public Health program.

Dr. Nguyen, PhD, MPH is an active researcher and author of several research articles in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), mind-body medicine, and health care of the underserved. He has strong research interests in the roles of healthy living and self-practices in reducing national overall cost of health care. He was a member of Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative’s health care think tanks in 2009 & 2010. Dr. Nguyen has taught Yoga, Qigong, and meditation to students at HSPH, and adults in greater Boston areas (visit www.atman-yoga.com & www.drnguyen.org for details).


BARRETT Reinhorn (formerly Lauck)

Barrett ReinhornBarrett E-RYT500, RPYT (Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher-500 hour level) has been teaching yoga since 1998 throughout the metro Boston area. She teaches beginner through advanced vinyasa yoga, and specializes in prenatal/postnatal yoga. She conducts Prenatal teacher trainings and is registered as a Prenatal Yoga School with the Yoga Alliance.

Trained in Astanga Vinyasa yoga and Interdisciplinary Yoga, Barrett melds asana, breath, music, meditation, and rhythmic improvisational movement into her vinyasa and prenatal sessions. Every class of Barrett's is unique, combining the energies of sun (dynamic warmth) and moon (calming cool) so that students are deeply rooted in their bodies and yet light and free in spirit.

Barrett brings to her teacher training extensive training in yoga for the childbearing year along with experience as a doula, childbirth educator and mother. You can read articles and more on her site: fivepointsyoga.com.



Sarah RogoSarah is a yoga teacher, musician, and spiritual activist living, teaching, and playing in the Boston area. After graduating from Berklee College of Music, she studied Yoga in Denver, Colorado at the Samadhi Center for Yoga.

She strongly believes that yoga is for all bodies and ages. In her classes there is a strong and friendly emphasis on breath work and it is common to hear her guitar and voice float overhead during savasana! From a young age her community admired her 'old soul' and her dedication to yoga, meditation, and music.

Sarah is a touring, award-winning songwriter and instrumentalist with the desire to create change in community. You can find her upcoming classes, music info and blog at ladyrogo.com.


ANNA Saluti

Anna SalutiAnna came to her mat in 2007 looking to transition to a new form of exercise after more than a decade of being a trained ballet dancer. Following her first class, Anna was instantly hooked on the positive vibrations yoga gave to her and the mind-body connection found on the mat. Now every time she steps on her mat, the philosophy and spirituality of yoga, coupled with asana create an opportunity for growth, compassion, and greater understanding of her self.

completed her 200-hour teacher training certification from Boston Yoga School and continues to enhance her own practice by attending workshops and yoga conferences. She studies various styles of yoga with a focus on Vinyasa.

Her classes are challenging yet playful with an emphasis on alignment. Her intent is to provide an open space for her students to quiet the mind and strengthen the body in order to cultivate a transformative experience of self-awareness.



Karen has practiced yoga for nine years, both in New York and Boston. Karen received her teacher training with Natasha Rizopolous, and is thankful to all of her teachers for inspiring her including Dustin DiPerna, Amber Eisenbraun, and Rachel Arnold.

She has a Master's Degree in Urban and Environmental Planning from Tufts, and tries to integrate sustainability into mind and body to reach a fuller human potential. She helps others deepen awareness of and connect to the body, and acquire greater health and happiness physically and mentally through the practice of yoga.



Ali first came to yoga for physical exercise, and found a way to bring inspiration to life. With a background in salsa dance and synchronized skating, Ali practiced yoga to enjoy movement and keep an active body. Her dedication and curiosity drew her back to her mat, and Ali realized that Alison Singerthe physicality was just one component of yoga’s transformative essence. Identifying the practice as a tremendous source of empowerment and fulfillment, she set on the path to teach.

Ali incorporates intelligent sequencing to develop progressive posture series, and help students discover endless depths to their own practice. She consistently challenges students by inventing new sequences and introducing new postures.

Her classes draw on creative inspiration from life and community, and encompass spirited themes to connect with reality. Ali’s appreciation for freedom and spontaneity is the source of influence for her classes, which encompass these qualities to generate confidence and positivity both on and off the mat.



Stephanie Troy, LICSW, RYT is a licensed clinical social worker, yoga teacher and nutrition coach, an innovator, writer and lover of enhancing authentic happiness. She is the owner of Your Whole Healing http://www.yourwholehealing.com which provides wellness counseling, yoga classes and private instruction, nutrition education and workshops.

Stephanie TroyHer yoga project Soba Yoga was born from her career spanning the past 15 years in the area of addictions, corrections and trauma. Stephanie has practiced yoga since 2000. During this time she has witnessed the calming of her anxious mind and seen how yoga has brought her deeper into the present moment. She is grateful to be able to share with others the transformative affects of Yoga; physical, mental and emotional.

Stephanie has completed several yoga trainings including a 500 hour yoga teacher training with South Boston Yoga, Trauma Sensitive Yoga training through the Trauma Center at JRI and Yin Yoga training with Josh Summers. She has been teaching Vinyasa yoga since 2008 in hospitals, studios and offering private instruction.

Her classes are taught linking breath with mindful movement while paying attention to alignment and having fun. She has a lighthearted, playful approach to the practice and encourages her students to do the same. Her blog You and Me with Tea is a composition of musings on health, wellness, yoga and well…tea. Stephanie is passionate about living, learning and loving.


GIRISH Venkataramani

Girish VenkataranamiFor Girish, yoga is the art of mindful and joyful living. His exploration of yoga has led him to vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, kundalini yoga and insight meditation (vipassana).

He is a 200-hour certified yoga teacher and has trained with many inspirational teachers - most prominently, energetic Vinyasa yoga with Baron Baptiste, a breath-focused flowing practice with Mark Whitwell, and the nourishing, healing touch of yin yoga with Josh Summers.

He is also immersed in Buddhist meditation and vipassana practices and has led several meditation classes and workshops.

In his yoga classes, he likes to blend all these styles and traditions so as to experience strength, surrender, joy and equanimity.

AMBER Wachtl

Bio coming soon!


ANNE Wichmann

Anne started practicing Yoga to get rid of her back pain. She found several Jivamukti Yoga studios in her hometown Munich, Germany. Amongst her great teachers there are Patrick Broome, Gabriela Bozic and Petros Haffenrichter. Soon she learnt that asana practice is one Anne Wichmannpart of many that make up the path of Yoga – and that Yoga not only happens on but also off the mat.

Through asana practice she became aware of the power of compassion and unconditional love for all beings in her every day life. Keen on learning she attended the Yoga Conference in Cologne for several years, being grateful to study with amazing teachers like Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa (Kundalini Yoga), Katchie Ananda (Yoga & Dharma), Bryan Kest (Power Yoga), Mark Whitwell (Heart of Yoga) and many more. Thanks to a dear friend she also took part in several Vipassana Meditation courses and classes in Europe and India. In April 2013 she graduated from the 300-hour Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training with her beloved teachers David Life, Sharon Gannon and Ruth Lauer-Manenti at Omega Institute, NY.

Anne’s classes focus on the connection of mind, breath and body, combining vigorous flows and restorative practices while getting safely and deep into the asanas. In her spare time Anne is a dedicated singer and musician, collaborating with artists all over the globe.


JESSE Winder

Jesse is a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher who has been practicing and teaching clients in the Boston area for over fifteen years. He founded Karma Yoga Studios in Cambridge in 2002 to serve as a welcoming community wellness center that offers a wide range of yoga styles and related Eastern methods of fitness. Since then, Karma has grown to 3 locations in the Boston area.

Over years of studying and teaching, Jesse developed the PhysioYoga method (see PhysioYoga under class descriptions), a unique yoga style that combines two seemingly disconnected approaches: the ancient hatha yoga traditions with modern-day, evidence-based scientific research in biomechanics and sports medicine.

Jesse has come to believe that, in addition to the wisdom of traditional yoga training, scientifically-verifiable facts and serious attention to injury prevention should be cornerstones in our contemporary teaching and practice of yoga. To this end, Jesse studied for over 6 years with a certified physical therapist and Iyengar-trained yoga teacher, Kim Amlong, while developing the PhysioYoga concepts.

His PhysioYoga classes are heavily focused on three issues:

  1. proper anatomical alignment,
  2. joint protection and health, and
  3. effective body mechanics.

These areas of emphasis make Jesse's classes ideal for yoga novices, people with injuries, and core-conditioned athletes in training looking to achieve an optimal balance between strength and flexibility.

Jesse has had the distinction of teaching PhysioYoga for the past nine years to medical clinicians in the Alternative Medicine Immersion Program at the Natural Standards Center, the foremost authority in peer-reviewed research in integrative medicine.

Jesse Winder

Jesse has an avid interest in and vast knowledge of holistic nutrition, herbology and alternative systems of medicine, and is also a certified chi kung instructor. His interest in yoga actually developed while studying Eastern meditation and the internal martial arts, which led him to include many of the synergies present between the two practices into his classes.

As part of his personal 'karma yoga' ('service to others' in Sanskrit), Jesse donates his time and resources to issues close to his heart: economic justice and animal rights causes in his local community. He teaches numerous free yoga classes aimed at underserved populations, including Harvard University's Phillips Brooks House, local homeless shelters, and programs for at-risk teens; he co-founded and sits on the Board of Directors of C.A.R.E., the first and only Cambridge-based animal rescue and adoption organization; and he volunteered weekly for the homeless meals program at the First Church in Cambridge.

In accordance with ahimsa, Jesse lives a vegan lifestyle and incorporates environmental sustainability and social justice goals in all of Karma Yoga Studio's business practices. He is a firm believer that business should only be conducted as an agent of progressive change in our society, and hopes the currently budding age of social entrepreneurship and ethical investment practices will help transform our world for the better.

For his role as a local business leader, Jesse was honored to address the Harvard University Leadership Institute at its annual Forum on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He was also personally awarded by the Mayor of Cambridge with the Greenest Business Award for Karma Yoga Studios. He lives in Cambridge with his long-term partner and over a dozen rescued animals. Jesse feels blessed by and grateful to all who have aided his journey along the way. Namaste.


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