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Quick Note of Diversity

Karma believes there is not one path of yoga.  We believe and offer a large variety of styles taught by experienced and certified instructors of each method.  From complete beginners to seasoned practitioners looking to deepen their practice, our students love the choice a large yoga studio such as Karma can give them.

Navigating the world of yoga can be daunting and confusing at first! However diverse, all yoga styles are based on the practice of physical postures (also called poses, or asanas), and some styles also incorporate additional elements such as breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation, or chanting. Each style emphasizes different postures, different ways of sequencing these postures, and different ways of combining elements. Adding to this diversity is the fact that each teacher will bring their own personal viewpoint to teaching the yoga style you will practice during the class type you are taking. 

As a student you have to find not only the yoga style with which you connect, but also the right teacher for you.  Finding this magic combination that suits your needs and personality is a bit like shopping for that perfect pair of jeans -- you may have to try a lot of classes and teachers until you find it, or you may walk into the right class with the right teacher for you the very first time. Experimenting and trying different yoga classes and teachers until you feel "at home" is the way to go!

Unless noted otherwise, all classes at Karma are taught at a temperature of 72 to 75 degrees F (air-conditioning is used in the summer months).

Style descriptions are listed alphabetically below:

CORE VINYASA   some prior yoga experience required

Sweat, Surrender, and Serenity! This is a challenging Vinyasa-based style of yoga focused on building core strength to move you to the next level on the mat. We'll flow on the rhythm of the breath and delve further into the body with progressively more intense poses in this active and intense practice meant to burn away mental, physical and emotional toxins.  

Your core can offer lightness and stability in your body which can transform your practice! As you grow stronger, you'll be able to move deeper into challenging poses, discover better alignment, and find your body at more ease in every day life.

Emphasizing safety and alignment, modifications will be offered so that everyone can work at their own pace with their own authentic breath.  You will leave feeling stronger, centered, and refreshed.

FLOW & RESTORE   no  yoga experience required, beginners welcome

This class is for those who need a respite from the daily struggle.  We will combine the elegant, flowing motion of vinyasa yoga with the grounding stillness and silence of restorative yoga.

We will begin in more supported, restful poses and build up to a gentle, nourishing vinyasa flow before returning to more restorative or yin-style longer holds at the end.  We will get just enough movement to feel opened up and rinsed out, and receive just enough stillness to feel replenished and recharged.  

The slower movement lends itself to beginners and those working with injuries who wish to modify their poses. All are welcome in our cozy yoga haven.

GENTLE PHYSIOYOGA™   no yoga experience required, beginners welcome

PhysioYoga is a yoga practice based on correct anatomical alignment, scientifically-verifiable facts and serious attention to injury prevention that was developed by the founder of Karma Yoga Studios, Jesse Winder. Gentle PhysioYoga is designed as the perfect introduction to yoga, for absolutely any and every one. No one can ever feel out of place in this class, and everyone will feel they belong.

The class is a mild practice session that is entirely appropriate for true beginners, more experienced students looking for a gentle stretch, or even for persons with minor injuries or physical limitations. This class is also appropriate during pregnancy (just let the teacher know that you are expecting at the start of the class). The overall pace is slow and steady, with gentle warm-ups and attention to the details of each posture.

Jesse's teaching style is heavy on education, so expect him to talk throughout the class about the science and benefits of each pose. If you believe that laughter is good for the soul, that your teacher should view you as an equal, and if you like world music - not just yoga music - there is a good chance that this is a class for you!

HATHA   no yoga experience required, beginners welcome

This general yoga style utilizes holding the classical yoga postures and using different sequencing depending on the instructor for the purpose of strengthening, opening, and cleansing the body. In Hatha-style classes, the poses are held for varying lengths of time, unlike in Vinyasa-style classes where the poses are linked and create a flowing movement from one pose to the next.

Please note: this class is led in a unique way by each different instructor--so Hatha with one teacher might not be the same experience as Hatha with another teacher!  We suggest that you experiment with different instructors!

HEALING FLOW VINYASA   no yoga experience required, beginners welcome

This is a moderately-paced class cultivating strength, balance and suppleness in the body within a gentle, continuous movement of postures combined with breath. Carefully crafted sequences are built around a specific "theme" with emphasis on precise alignment, to help improve and heal specific areas of our body and overall health. Themes you can expect in this class are: Digestive, Immune, or Nervous system, Upper and Lower back pain. We will also be working in common tight areas of the body such hips, shoulders and side body to gradually help heal chronic pain. You will take this class with you off the mat as you will learn how to create positive postural habits and engage breathwork that can be easily applied to your everyday life.

SLOW FLOW   some prior yoga experience required, but beginners welcome

Take it slow with this gentle, but deep approach to Vinyasa yoga. This practice links poses to breath to reveal body awareness, inner strength, and easeful opening. Some postures will be held longer to encourage the body to release deep-seated tension. Alignment cues and hands-on assists are woven into the flow to guide students to safely receive all the practice has to offer. Posture modifications are offered to suit all fitness levels.

Slower-paced than standard a vinyasa class, Slow Flow is about strengthening and deep stretching in the body while following a slower and more gentle rhythm of movement. We can carry our practice of Slow Flow into our everyday lives. It will help us be more mindful, grounded, and balanced in everything we do.

TRADITIONAL HATHA   no yoga experience required, beginners welcome

In this Hatha yoga practice, you’ll explore the foundations of physical posture (asana), practice simple breathing techniques (pranayama), and experience some guided meditations in a supportive environment. These slower-paced classes are perfect for both newer students and seasoned yogis aiming to keep the foundations of practice solid.

Traditional Hatha yoga practices are centered around the energies of Moon and Sun, each having a distinct physical and energetic effect. Moon practice is a deep, grounding practice with longer holds and an emphasis on creating a sense of calm and stability of both body and mind. Focusing primarily on forward folds and twists, Moon practice is a perfect way to soothe the nervous system and counteract the effects of every day stresses from our busy lives. Sun practice is a more dynamic practice which helps to cultivate power, but also a deeper sensitivity and connection to the vital energy and life force that sustains us. Sun practice uses back bends and laterals to create a sense of expansion, giving us uplifting energy and helping us to “get up and go.”"

VINYASA (FLOW)   some prior yoga experience required

(this class MAY be taught in a warm room that is heated to aprox. 85 degrees; see if "heated" or "warm" is marked on the schedule next to the class name)
This very popular contemporary yoga style requires a good-working knowledge of the basic yoga poses. The class leads through a series of breath-synchronized postures which are linked to one another through a flowing movement--thus "flowing" into one another and inspiring the style name, Flow ('Vinyasa" in Sanskrit) Yoga. Each movement of the body is harmonized to each breath taken, so the breath is not forced to follow the actions of the body as occurs with other forms of exercise.

Please note: this general-style class is conducted in a unique way by each different instructor--so Vinyasa with one teacher might not be the same experience as Vinyasa with another teacher.  This is a great reason to try more yoga and explore different approaches by all of our great teachers! :)


VINYASA & CHILL   some prior yoga experience helpful

This class will explore the harmony and tension between effort and surrender in your body. It's what yoga was based on - balancing the solar with the lunar, the strength with the opening - in sanskrit the "sthira" with the "sukha".

We will start with a traditional dynamic, breath-expanding vinyasa flow and end with a meditative, calming, chill restorative.  Perfect for a Sunday night, this practice is a union of energy-generating vinyasa and energy-receiving restorative.  In a word, equanimity.

YIN YOGA   no yoga experience required, beginners welcome

This lusciously slow and meditative practice is the yogic prescription for chronic tension, feelings of overwhelm, longterm physical imbalance, and/or exhaustion. It is the perfect compliment to more vigorous yoga styles, and a great balancer for high-stress living.

Through the elegant combination of appropriate asana and gentle timing, Yin Yoga deeply stretches and nourishes the joints of the body, helping to generate much greater flexibility and core-level relaxation. Yin Yoga is not boring, in fact the poses and cues will challenge and inspire you--and the relaxation is mindful and deep.

The practice is designed to bring your Central Nervous System into "Rest, Digest and Restore" mode, where healing work at the cellular level can occur--like digestion, muscle repair, scar tissue production, organ detoxification and emotional processing. 

Yin yoga sequences are also often linked to Meridian theory, similar to the practice of acupuncture, and can help open up and balance the body's energetic pathways. Think of it as an efficient way to catch up on all that sleep you missed over the years! 


YOGA NIDRA   no experience required, beginners welcome

Set your to-do list aside and make room for self-care! This class is the antidote to stress—a meditative practice often translated as yogic sleep that focuses on systematic relaxation of the body while the mind enters a state of deep, mindful awareness. In this ultra-relaxed state of consciousness, the mind is focused, fully alert, and receptive, as the body releases into the physiological relaxation response where deep healing, regeneration and rejuvenation can happen.

People using the practice of Yoga Nidra report
- decreased stress, anxiety, depression and migraine headaches
- increased energy levels, confidence and joy
- improved capacity for sleep, concentration and learning
- feelings of calm and clarity and greater sense of well-being

We will go together through simple, non-competitive yoga practices that can be targeted to reduce chronic tension, stimulate your body's natural healing response and prevent burnout. We will also explore the lesser-known gem of yoga, breathwork, which plays an essential role in grounding the body and quieting the busy mind. Expect to be led through a unique sequence of gentle yet effective stretches, coordinated with breath, that will nourish and balance the body and calm the nervous system. Then, as you lie down in a restful position, you will be simply guided through different stages of relaxation, including body scan, breath awareness and visualization.

With consistent practice, you will develop the ability to release blocked energy, focus your mind and stay present in difficult situations. When you step off of your yoga mat, you can more skillfully take on whatever life brings. For beginning and experienced students alike, this class is highly inclusive and open to anyone. No previous yoga or meditation experience necessary.

not yoga

The following classes are taught at our studios because they complement, enrich, or are related to the practice of yoga (alphabetically listed):

QIGONG with STANDING MEDITATION   no experience required, beginners welcome

The Chinese equivalent of yoga, this is an ancient exercise that uses simple flowing movements, breath control, and "standing" meditation. Easily accessible to beginners, it is an excellent tool to promote overall strength in the body, freedom in the joints, and calmness in the mind.

REIKI & GUIDED MEDITATION   no experience required, beginners welcome

This class is perfect for beginners or advanced meditation students alike. During the meditation portion of class (known as Max Meditation), students experience a deep relaxation, work with light to cleanse any negativity, focus on a simple word, and then finish with a guided journey which is unique each week. During the Group Reiki portion of class (known as Ensofic Ray), students lie down on mats with blankets while the instructor flows energy to each student from the front of the classroom. Possible benefits of taking this class include: less stress, greater clarity, increased self-confidence, and peace of mind. Come and experience serenity, light and well being.